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> Hi there. Just wondering if anyone can remember us boarders at Dunelm, 65
> Lower Olland St? I boarded there between 1972-74 and went to the local
> middle school. I have only been able to contact one person i boarded with
> (Adrian Stennett) if anyone remembers him? I have also contacted an old
> classmate Maxine Honeywood. Other names i remember are Judith Page,Maureen
> Dossett,Trevor Andrews,Kevin Steggles,Kevin Longshaw. Would love to hear
> from anyone that remembers me. My nickname at school was Dick. I now work
> for I.C.I. in stowmarket as a paint manufacturer making Dulux paint. Been
> there 20 years. Richard.
yes i remember you and i remember evey one in your letter iwas at the boarding house when joe and fanny almond was there and latter maggie may contact me for further chats

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